Mansfield Bank

Founded in 1883, Mansfield Bank is a state-chartered mutual co-operative Bank, established to serve the needs of our local communities.

As a mutual bank, Mansfield is owned by its depositors. As such, we focus solely on the needs of our customers rather than the expectations of Wall Street. We offer our customers a wide variety of financial products for businesses and individuals, including investment services through MCB Financial. The employees of Mansfield Bank ensure that each customer receives personalized quality service, tailored to fit their needs

Identification Required to Open a New Account
Description of your identification policy: 
The customer must provide at least one of the following primary identification documents: unexpired government issued driver's license evidencing residence and containing a photo, unexpired government issued identification card (i.e. state ID card, military ID card) evidencing residence and containing a photo or an unexpired government issued passport evidencing nationality and residence and containing a photo.
IDs acceptable to open account: 
What other IDs are valid to open an account: 
Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) with photo.
What other IDs are valid to open an account: 
U.S. non-Immigrant Visa and Border Crossing Card (Form DSP-150) with photo.
What other IDs are valid to open an account: 
INS Employment Authorization Card (Form I-766 or I-866) with photo.
What other IDs are valid to open an account: 
U.S. Military ID Common Access Card (with photo).
Other forms of identification that are valid to open an account: 
If a customer is unable to produce a primary ID then at least two of the following secondary identifications documents must then be obtained: Birth certificate Social Security Card Temporary Drivers License or Learners Permit Marriage License Car Registration Credit Card Original Selective Service Card Public Assistance ID Card
Other Bank Products and Services
Outgoing International wire transfers: 
Cost of wire transfer: 
Remittances to foreign countries available: 
Free On-Line Banking: 
Cost for money orders: 
Mobile banking available: 
Monthly statements : 
No additional cost
"Help" phone line hours: 
508-851-3600 Customer Service assistance offered during normal business hours. After hours support for lost/stolen debit cards available.
Language assistance available (not necessarily in person): 
Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, French, Italian & American Sign Language
Incentives available for completing financial education training: 
No, incentives are not available.