Eagle Bank

Eagle Bank is a state-chartered, mutual savings bank with over 125 years of experience in the financial services industry. We received our original charter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on March 1, 1889. On that date, the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives authorized the founding of the Bank. On May 11, 1889, we opened the doors for our first day of business. At the end of the day, deposits totaled $4,570. Today, total assets are approximately $420 million.

Commitment to the community has always been a priority. During the Great Depression, readers of the local newspaper could depend on the Bank to give sound, thoughtful advice. During World War II, the Bank received authorization and sold defense bonds and stamps, which were important to the raising of funds for the war effort.

Since 1939, the Bank has recognized the importance of home ownership by participating in various, government funded programs that enables us to provide low-cost and competitive mortgage loans. Today, this is evidenced by our first time home buyer programs.

Identification Required to Open a New Account
IDs acceptable to open account: 
What other IDs are valid to open an account: 
Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) with photo.
Other Bank Products and Services
Outgoing International wire transfers: 
Cost of wire transfer: 
Remittances to foreign countries available: 
Free On-Line Banking: 
Cost for money orders: 
Mobile banking available: 
Monthly statements : 
Paper statements - $3.00 per month; Electronic statements - No additional cost
Language assistance available (not necessarily in person): 
Incentives available for completing financial education training: 
No, incentives are not available.