Welcome to Basic Banking for Massachusetts!

If you rely on expensive check cashing services to cash checks and to pay bills or if you have never had an bank account before, Basic Banking for Massachusetts may be able to help you find a bank account that will meet your needs, save you money and help you begin to save for the future.

Basic Banking for Massachusetts began in 1994 as a voluntary effort between financial institutions and community organizations to encourage more consumers to #getbanked. Basic Banking is a program of the Partnership for Financial Equity.

While the FDIC reports that our unbanked rate continues to decline, thanks in part to programs like Basic Banking, we know that there are still 5.9 million households in the US without a banking relationship. And unbanked rates are higher among lower-income households, Black households, Hispanic households, working-age households with a disability, and single-mother households.

Why should I get a bank account?

If you currently use check-cashing services, a bank account can be a better and cheaper alternative for cashing checks and paying bills.

Find the bank that is right for you

Choosing the right bank and the right account starts with assessing your own banking needs.

Open your new account

At each bank, an individual will walk you through the account opening process.

Managing your finances

There is lots of help available to give you the tools to make the most out of your new account and to start saving for the future.

Basicbanking.org is a service of Partnership for Financial Equity